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Learn to Swim Group Lessons

At Velo Swim School, dive into a world of aquatic adventure, expertise, and water safety! 

Our commitment to providing high-quality swim instruction, combined with a passion for water, has made us the go-to destination for individuals of all ages seeking to enhance their swimming skills. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to embrace the water and build the confidence to navigate it safely. Our certified instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and personalized learning approach guarantee an experience that's second to none.

From parent-child classes to adult swim sessions, explore our wide range of swim lessons tailored to your needs. Join us for a memorable journey where you or your child will not only become a proficient swimmer but will also forge a lifelong love for the water!

Prices 35$/30 MIN Class

Ratio 3-1

What Level Is My Swimmer?
Please use the guide below to help determine your Swimmer's current Level.  
If your Swimmer has been to Velo-CT before and you do not recall his or her most recent level, please call and we can verify for you.
Skills Taught
Requirements to Pass
.Mommy and Me (12-36 months) Ratio 4-1 30 Minute class Parent required
This class is all about introducing young children to the water in a fun and safe way. The main goal is to help them feel comfortable in the water and understand some basic safety rules.
• Learning basic safety rules like using a lifejacket and staying close to an adult. • Exploring the water through play. • Trying out a front float with support. • Kicking their legs and blowing bubbles. • Getting used to putting their face in the water.
To move on to the next level, children should show they're comfortable in the water, understand some basic safety rules, safely get in and out of the water, and make progress in skills like floating with support, kicking, and blowing bubbles.
Level 1 (3+ years plus) Ratio 3-1 30 minute class
This level is all about building essential water skills and safety knowledge. We want swimmers to feel at home in the water and start moving around comfortably.
• Getting comfortable in the water. • Learning to retrieve objects from the water. • Trying out front and back floating with support. • Practicing floating with the face and ears in the water. • Beginning to understand how to move forward in the water.
To advance, swimmers should show comfort in the water, retrieve objects, float with support on their front and back, roll over, and demonstrate basic movement in the water.
Level 2 (5+ years old) Ratio 3-1 30 minute class
At this stage, swimmers should be able to swim independently. We'll focus on front and backstrokes and introduce the basics of Freestyle and Backstroke.
• Retrieving submerged objects with the face underwater. • Doing a short front float. • Trying a front glide with support. • Learning how to use big arm movements for swimming.
To move forward, swimmers should retrieve submerged objects, float for a short duration on their front, glide with support, and use big arm movements effectively.
Level 3 (7+ years old) Ratio 3-1 30 minute class
In this level, swimmers begin to independently swim and learn various strokes and techniques.
• Learning how to enter the water safely. • Retrieving objects underwater. • Practicing big arm rolls. • Floating on the front and back. • Rolling over from front to back and vice versa.
To progress, swimmers should demonstrate safe entry into the water, retrieve objects, perform big arm rolls, float on both the front and back, and roll over in the water.
Level 4 (9+ years old) Ratio 3-1 30 minute class
Level 4 focuses on improving Freestyle and Backstroke techniques while incorporating proper breathing.
• Bobbing while moving towards safety. • Sustaining a back float. • Learning rotary breathing. • Flutter kicking on the front and back. • Treading water. • Mastering the front crawl and elementary backstroke.
To advance, swimmers should demonstrate proficiency in skills like bobbing, back floating, rotary breathing, flutter kicking, treading water, and swimming the front crawl and elementary backstroke.
Level 5 (11+ years old) Ratio 3-1 30 minute class
Swimmers in this level should be able to navigate the water independently and have proficiency in several strokes.
• Swimming underwater. • Sustaining a survival or back float. • Perfecting front crawl and backstroke. • Treading water. • Learning breaststroke and butterfly kicks.
To progress, swimmers should demonstrate the ability to swim underwater, maintain a float, perform open turns, tread water, and exhibit proficiency in various strokes.
Level 6 (12+ years old) Ratio 4-1 30 minute class
Swimmers at this level are refining their techniques in Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly.
• Maintaining a back float. • Performing flip turns. • Treading water. • Mastering all four swimming strokes.
To advance, swimmers should demonstrate skills like maintaining a back float, executing flip turns, treading water, and mastering all four swimming strokes.
Level 7 (Advanced Swimmers) Ratio 6-1 30-45 minute classes
This level is for advanced swimmers who already have a strong foundation in all major strokes.
• Sustaining a survival or back float. • Extended treading water. • Kicking only while treading. • Swimming longer distances in various strokes.
To successfully complete this level, swimmers should demonstrate their ability to float, tread water, and swim longer distances in multiple strokes.
What Level Is My Swimmer
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