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Let us teach you

Velo-CT follows a proprietary lesson program, with a progression developed to teach children to swim the correct way, the first time.  Swimmers progress through levels each with specific skills set to focus on proper body position, and include key safety components at every level.  


For those children interested in moving on to the great sport of swimming, our lesson program includes specific terminology that prepares our swimmers to seamlessly transition into our REC or ZEUS swim teams

Our Group Lessons program is developed with busy families in mind.  We offer all stage levels in the pool when lessons are offered.  This allows children to maintain their time slot even as they progress to higher levels.  It also allows families with multiple children to have all children in the pool at the same time!


We also offer Parent & Child classes during some weekday mornings and on weekends.   These classes are for children ages 3 and younger and YOU get in the pool with your child.  


A mid-level step is the Early Afternoon class for children ages 3-5.  Classes are small and during a quieter time of day allowing your young swimmers to become comfortable in a group lesson setting without Mom or Dad in the pool.

4 principles for success

  • Low Swimmer to Instructor ratio

  • In water for the entire duration of the class

  • Flexible schedules

  • Rolling enrollment

Tips for a great Swim Class

We want to see those beautiful faces!  Tie longer hair back or use a swim cap to keep that hair out of your swimmer’s face, which makes blowing bubbles and breathing easier.


There is so much to see!  Goggles improve visibility underwater and help protect eyes.  Plus, they are so fun to wear!


Tummies are delicate.  Avoid meals or heavy snacks in the time leading up to a swim lesson.  All that activity and excitement can cause an upset tummy.


One last potty break.  Arrive with enough time for that one last trip to the locker room “just in case” before heading to the Pool Deck.


Feel good.  Have fun.  Learn more!  If your swimmer is sick or not feeling well, please consider scheduling a make-up.  Your swimmer will get so much more from a class when feeling 100%


Classes (30 minutes lessons)

1x per week: $95.00 per month

2x per week: $166.25 per month

3x per week: $213.75 per month



Group Lessons (all ages), Parent & Child Classes, and REC Team prices are monthly and renew on the 1st of every month.

Cancellations must be submitted by the 15th of the month to take effect the 1st of the following month.

Absences are eligible for make-up ONLY with prior notification.  


Only one absence per month will be eligible for make-up.  Make-ups must be scheduled before the last day of the month following the absence.  That is a make-up from an absence in April needs to be scheduled prior to May 31st.


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