September 9, 10, 11



  • Anyone wishing to participate in try-outs should meet the minimum safety standards of being able to complete one full lap without stopping and should also have a basic knowledge and understanding of all 4 competitive strokes. 


  • All swimmers should arrive at the pool in their swimsuit, with goggles. They must wear a mask on arrival and it should remain in place all the way to the point of entry to the pool. We recommend bringing a labeled plastic bag in which you can place your mask while you are in the pool.


  • At the registered tryout time, swimmers should proceed to the arrival line at the end of the side parking lot on the right side of the building. 


  • Swimmers must be accompanied by ONE parent/guardian who must also be wearing a face covering or mask. ONLY ONE PARENT/GUARDIAN IS ALLOWED IN THE ARRIVAL AREA. Bleachers will be marked and available for parents to sit throughout the tryout process.


  • Swimmers will be staged in the rear courtyard area in front of the garage doors. Coaches will be present to guide you.


  • Please remain 6 feet apart while in line. Swimmers will proceed through the line to the screening area. 


  • In the screening area, all swimmers will have their temperature checked and will be asked a series of questions.


  • Once screened, swimmers will be escorted to the staging areas where coaches and staff will be present to guide swimmers to their designated pool lanes.


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