Group Lessons - Youth


Level 2: Currently offered as Private Lessons Only 

Level 3: Wednesdays in March


Ages 6-9




March 03|10|17|24|31



Level 4: Saturdays in March


Ages 7-11




March 06|13|20|27



Level 5/6: Next Program to be Announced Soon




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Current programs are not eligible for discount, pro-rating, or make-ups.  

You may apply any existing credit on your account toward the cost of current programs.


Entry is restricted to the Swimmer and ONE (1) parent/guardian.  The parent/guardian will be able to check-in the Swimmer and accompany the swimmer to the Pool Deck.  Once Swimmers have entered the water, no parent/guardian will be permitted to remain on the Pool Deck.  At the conclusion of lessons, Swimmers will be escorted by a staff member to the Post-Swim Pick-Up Area at the front of the building. 

Masks must be worn at all times while in the Facility.  This includes our little swimmers.  Swimmers should have a water-proof bag or container clearly labeled with his or her name.  Your Swimmer will be staged by a lane.  When it is time for Swimmers to enter the water, they will be instructed to remove their masks and secure them in the water-proof bag or container to be placed on the Pool Deck at their point of water entry.  Swimmers will put their masks back on upon exiting the water. 


Swimmers will be subject to a temperature screening and are required to submit a completed Daily Health Declaration (link in footer) upon arrival for each lesson.

Some parents may be uncomfortable with the current Velo-CT restrictions.  We understand and respect your decision should you choose to wait to return.  Please check back as we continue to add Programming and remain complaint with the most up to date CDC, State, local, and USASwimming guidelines and recommendations to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment.

What Level Is My Swimmer?
Please use the guide below to help determine your Swimmer's current Level.  
If your Swimmer has been to Velo-CT before and you do not recall his or her most recent level, please call and we can verify for you.

Level 2

Swimmers are able to float on front and back and are able to roll front to back/back to front without assistance.  They are able to kick off the wall unassisted.  

We will continue to build confidence floating and will strengthen kicks.

We will introduce basic Freestyle and Backstroke motions.

Level 3

Swimmers are able to be in the water unassisted.  

They can swim on their front and back and know the basic Freestyle and Backstroke motions

We will work to improve Freestyle and Backstroke and include breathing. 

We will introduce Breaststroke Kick & Dolphin (Butterfly) Kick

Level 4

Swimmers are able to be in the water unassisted.  

They can swim on their front and back.

They know the basics of Freestyle, Backstroke, & kicks for Breaststroke & Butterfly 

We will work to improve Freestyle, Backstroke, and kicks for Breaststroke & Butterfly

We will introduce strokes (arms) for Breaststroke & Butterfly

Levels 5 & 6

Swimmers are able to be in the water unassisted.

Swimmers know the basics of Freestyles, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly

We will work to improve and further develop each of the 4 strokes.

We will add distance and we introduce team and lap swim basics including turns

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