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Water Drops

REC Team

The Velo-CT REC Swim Program is led by Coach Tony.

Coach Tony also works with our ZEUS Swim Team (Velo-CT’s competitive team) as a USA Swimmer certified Swim Coach.  He trains and certifies lifeguards as an American Red Cross certified Lifeguard Instructor.  He also works individually with Swimmers of all ages and abilities to gain confidence in the water and to develop and improve technique.    


Coach Tony has been with us at Velo-CT for a number of years.  We believe that your Swimmers will not only advance within our REC Swim Program under the guidance of Coach Tony, but your Swimmers will also have FUN!    The REC Swim Program is the ideal program for Swimmers who are able to swim and would like to continue to develop, and to swim either recreationally or competitively.     Many of our REC Swimmers advance to join the ZEUS Swim Team.  ​  


Pricing 35$ per classes for the water!

What Level Is
My Swimmer?

Please use the guide below to help determine your Swimmer's current Level.  If your Swimmer has been to Velo-CT before and you do not recall his or her most recent level, please call and we can verify for you.

Transitioning From Gold to Zeus

For our swimmers on Gold to move on to our competitive team, and depending on the age of the swimmer, it is suggested you meet the following prior to attending tryouts:

50 yards of swimming of all four strokes with proper technique.
Dives(even off the side)
Motivation to race!
Many of our REC Swimmers advance to join the ZEUS Swim Team.
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